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ES-D508 Driver closed loop motor 0.9Nm - 2.0Nm
  • ES-D508 Driver closed loop motor 0.9Nm - 2.0Nm

Leadshine ES-D508 easy servo driver / closed loop Motor 0.9Nm - 2.0Nm

  • Step and steering direction
  • Closed loop for no loss of steps
  • Operating voltage: 20-50 VDC
  • High torque at start and speed
  • No reservation
  • High stiffness at standstill
  • Significantly less engine heating
  • Smooth engine movements and extra low noise level of the engine
  • Fast response, no delay, curious driving
  • Plug-and-play and no tuning
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ES-D508 is one of the models in the ES-D series easy servo drives that operate with 20-50 VDC input voltage and output 0.5 - 8.0A with continuous current load.

The drivers work on the basis of the latest DSP technology and have an advanced control algorithm.

When connected with a simple servo motor, it combines features of both open loop steppers and brushless servo systems, and offers many unique advancement functions for excellent motion control system performance.

The ES-D508 easy servo drive has an encoder feedback to the ES-M series motors to close the open loop, so there is no loss of steps and steps overrun.

In comparison with a constant output current in open loop stepper motors, the output current of an ES-D508 servo drive is based on the requested motor load. When torque requirement is low, the output current is automatically reduced to the level of "just enough". But if the torque demand goes up, ES-D508 driver will quickly increase the current output to 8.0A. This leads to a significant improvement in control system response time. Provide excellent acceleration and reduce engine heating by as much as 50% compared to open-loop ("normal") stepper motor systems. Also, no torque reservation is required for an ES-D508 driver. The ES-D508 driver makes it possible to always deliver 100% torque and that can reach an efficiency of up to 30% compared to comparable open loop stepper systems.

Moreover, plug-and-play setup makes the ES-D508 driver easy and simple to set up, compared to a hard-to-configure brushless servo system that has customary configurations of dozens of parameters.

When an ES-D508 driver is run with an ES-M series motor, no configuration is required for almost all applications. The output resolution of ES-D508 is standard set to output resolution of 2000 pulses per resolution. The advanced user can change parameters in the configuration software, ProTuner, adjusting resolution settings, current position and loop parameters, useless flow rate, etc.

ES-D508 drivers are widely used to upgrade systems or to replace servo motors and open loop systems. It is widely used in CNC machines, electronics, robotics, laboratory automation and more automated applications.


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