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Castrol Magnaglide D 220
  • Castrol Magnaglide D 220
  • Castrol Magnaglide D 220

Castrol Magna SW D 220 1L

177-Castrol Magna SW D 220 1L

Castrol Magna SW D 220 slideway oil.

Specially developed for the lubrication of (linear) guides (guides guideway) on machines.

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Castrol Magna SW D 220 (previously called Magnaglide D 220) is specially formulated for the lubrication of slideways on machine tools. These oils are fortified with selected oiliness, extreme pressure additives and a special material to impart tackiness and adhesiveness.
Magna SW D lubricants are noted for their usual ability to overcome the stick-slip motion ordinarily associated with slow moving tool parts. They reduce machine tool carriage chatter and possess the necessary adhesive characteristics to prevent squeezing out of the lubricant.

Magna SW D can be used on all horizontal and vertical slideways where a high quality demulsifying lubricant is required for slideway protection and to maximize coolant life; the outstanding frictional characteristics of the products prevents stick-slip.

Cincinnati Lamb (Milacron): P-50
DIN 51502 – CGLP
DIN 51524 Part II (July 2004) – including ISO 13357-1/-2 filtration test
Magna SW D 32 is suitable for Müller Weingarten equipment as hydraulic oil

Kinematic Viscosity at 104 °F (40 °C): 220 mm2/sec
(ISO VG 220)
Viscosity Index: 98
Four Ball Wear test, Wear Scar Diameter - 40 kgf / 75°C / 1200 rpm / 1 hr (ASTM D2266): 0.32 mm
Four Ball Weld Load test, Weld Point (ASTM D2783): 200 kgf
Stick-slip ratio - Cincinatti Lamb test: 0.74

177-Castrol Magna SW D 220 1L